What's in it for you?

The demand for Power BI professionals is growing every day. And with the Power BI Report Design Bootcamp, you can take your skills to the next level and get recognized by your peers while accelerating your career and unlocking access to great opportunities.

Gain competitive advantage, accelerate your career

Power BI is one of the most used BI tools in the market today. Gain competitive advantage by becoming a Report Design & Data Storytelling Wizard!

Build reporting solutions that will make you shine!

In this bootcamp, I'll show you how to make your data shine through visualizations. I'll help you learn how to tell stories with your data—and how to use engaging and effective visualization techniques, so that your reports are as powerful as they can be.

You'll leave this bootcamp with a brand new skill set: you'll be able to create clear and meaningful reporting solutions that will make you shine. 

No more making boring charts or inconsistent visualizations—you'll be able to create stunning designs that are both beautiful and effective at communicating information. You'll master the art of transforming complex data into beautiful reports that tell stories about what's happening in your organization, so everyone will understand what's going on and make better business decisions based on the information you provide them with.

You're not sure where to start? I've got that covered too! 

This bootcamp is designed specifically for those who have some experience using Power BI but aren't quite experts yet—which means it's perfect for any Power BI Developer who wants to take his skillset up a notch or two!

I want to become a Power BI Report Design Master!

We've all been here...

You've been working hard to become a Power BI expert. You know the ins and outs of creating reports with Power BI. You connect to your data sources, clean your data, build your data model and then... you get to the data visualization part. ​ You finish your report and you proudly share it with your peers. You made sure the data is accurate, the performance of the solution is blazing fast, nothing could go wrong right? ​ But then, tragedy strikes...

  • "The data looks accurate, but the report doesn't look great..."

  • "We need to think about the report design, we need a professional look and feel."

  • "I don't know how to use this report, the front end is bad... I'm pretty sure the backend is not any better... I don't trust it..." *goes back to excel*

There is another way!

With the popularity and widespread adoption of Power BI, you can't afford to miss the chance to become a report design master. Right now, there's a major demand for people who can create stunning visualizations and present them in a way that is compelling and easy to understand. And that makes this the best time to learn the art of Report Design and Data Storytelling in Power BI.

  • Have you been looking for a way to get recognized by your peers?

  • Do you want to accelerate your career?

  • Do you want to unlock access to great opportunities?

  • Do you want to effectively communicate insights with beautiful designs?

Ok... but I want to check what I will be learning!

No biggie! Check all the Modules and Lessons below. New Modules will be released every week for 4 weeks (starting on the 1st March 2023), but the content will be available for one year, so you can still learn at your own pace.

    1. Hi From Mara & Introduction to the Bootcamp

    2. Intro to Report Design: Why You Should Care

    3. Program Overview

    4. Bootcamp Community Access

    1. Case Study Overview

    1. Intro

    2. Determine Business Goals and Pain Points

    3. Identify You Audience and Report Type

    4. Define UI Requirements

    5. Requirements Gathering Framework

    1. Intro

    2. Understanding User Journeys

    3. Building User Journeys

    4. User Journeys Framework

    1. Requirements Gathering Framework - Review

    2. Use Case - Requirements Gathering using the framework

    3. Use Case - User Journeys using the framework

    1. Intro

    2. Brand Identity

    3. Define your branding

    4. Design patterns and layouts

    5. Gestalt Principles

Enrollment is open (doors close on 24/02/2023)

  • $397.00
  • Start: 01/03/2023
  • 60 Video Lessons (12+ hours of content)
  • 3 LIVE Masterclasses

Module Release Calendar

New Modules and Lessons will become available every week for 4 weeks, starting on the 1st March 2023. You will have access to the learning platform for 1 year, so don't worry, you can still learn at your own pace!

Lessons are self paced. The recommendation is to finish the course in 4 weeks, but you can learn at your own time and on a different schedule that suits you best!

And, of course, don't forget the dates for our EXCLUSIVE Live Masterclasses:

14th March 2023 (5PM GMT): Building your Power BI Portfolio

21st March 2023 (5PM GMT): Be recognized as an expert - Building your brand

28th March 2023 (5PM GMT): Monetizing your Power BI skills

Bonus materials

What you get when you sign up for the Power BI Report Design Bootcamp

  • 5 Report Templates

    $ 485 value

    Get access to 5 unique report templates (built in Figma!) that will make your work shine. These templates will allow you to easily start creating beautiful reporting solutions. You will be able to impress your peers from day 1 of the bootcamp!

  • Requirements Gathering Framework

    $97 value

    This is the framework I developed based on my 6+ years of experience with Power BI. If you find it hard to apply data storytelling techniques in your reporting solutions, you will love this framework. This will allow you to easily understand the most important insights you should be focusing on, how you're going to organize information in your report, help you understand user journeys and much more.

  • Report Design Checklist

    $27 value

    Comprehensive Power BI Report Design Checklist. This will help you make sure that your reporting solution always follows design best practices. Say goodbye to ugly reports! #byebye

You will also get...

1.  ACCESS TO 3 EXCLUSIVE Live Masterclasses:

14th March 2023: Building your Power BI Portfolio

21st March 2023: Be recognized as an expert - Building your brand

28th March 2023: Monetizing your Power BI skills

This is your opportunity to ask your questions directly to our report design and data storytelling expert Mara!

2. The opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills with 3 different use cases that you can later use to build your own Power BI portfolio.

3. Access to an exclusive community of Power BI Report Design and Data Storytelling experts and enthusiasts

Get your seat at the Bootcamp + All Bonus Materials for only $397

The Bonuses alone are worth more than $600!

But I'm not creative...

You don't have to be a design genius or a Picasso to build reports with an impressive design and UX. In the bootcamp, you'll learn my process to get ideas for layouts and designs and how to quickly implement it in your Power BI reports. These are simple steps that anyone can follow and start applying to their reports straight away!

I don't care about design...

Even if you're the master of DAX or Power Query, this couldn't be further from the truth. Data storytelling skills are more important than ever. The front end of your reporting solution is the only thing your users are going to see, not your amazing data model (data accuracy and performance are still very important though!). If you truly want your reports to shine, you need to give your users an effective interface they will love using.

I need years of experience...

If you wanted to start from scratch without any help, you would probably need months to master the art of report design and data storytelling in Power BI. However, I've been there, and I've walked that really long road so you don't have to! In the bootcamp, you will have access to all my juicy tricks, and all the knowledge that took me years to acquire! You will also have access to 5 report templates that will save you hours on report design dev work.

What others are saying...

“The reporting solution Mara developed definitely met our expectations. When we showcased the final product to our sales team they asked “Is this a real product or an image, like a design concept image?”. They were really impressed! Something that we really liked was the level of detail she applied in the design. She really thought about the details and it looks amazing.”

Helen, Germany

“I genuinely think Mara is an amazing teacher, I have never been so engaged in a Power BI Session! Best speaker I've seen in a while! 🙌 Totally influenced and learnt tons! I was sat there like 'omg this is something I can actually do AND enjoy'. Mara is an influencer as I have been INFLUENCED to stick with Power BI as I wasn't sure it was right for me originally! Thank you x1000”

Annabel, UK

“Mara is extremely knowledgeable in Power BI and great at mentoring. Very passionate in making sure your understand everything, how it works, and why it works the way it does.”

Abraham, Israel

Meet Your Instructor...

Hi, I am Mara, and I am the founder of Data Pears and creator of the course Power BI Report Design Bootcamp. Since 2020, I’ve guided Power BI Developers going from building inefficient and poorly designed reports to building incredible solutions that transformed the way businesses generate insights and set their careers up for success. Today I can confidently tell you: Power BI Report Design is as essential as ever. Not only will it help you become recognized as a Power BI expert, but you’ll be able to do it without years of practice and even if you feel you lack creativity. You’ll finally be able to create reporting solutions that tell a story effectively, that are user friendly, that look good... reporting solutions that will wow your colleagues, your manager and recruiters!  

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  • What's the duration of the bootcamp?

    The recommendation is for you to finish the bootcamp in 4 weeks. However, you will have access to all the modules and lessons for 1 year, so you can learn at your own pace. As a student, you will also have access to the 3 Live Masterclasses that will happen in March 2023.

  • Will I have access to all the content on the day the bootcamp starts?

    New modules will become available every week for 4 weeks. 1st week: focused on requirements gathering. 2nd week: focused on the bootcamp case study and design principles. 3rd week: focused on specific design techniques for action/interaction. 4th week: focused on design details like mobile view, performance etc. You can check the bootcamp complete schedule above!

  • Is this an online or in person Bootcamp?

    The Power BI Report Design Bootcamp will be online and self passed. However you will have exclusive access to 3 LIVE Masterclasses that you won't want to miss!

  • How long will I have access to the Bootcamp materials?

    You will have 1 year access to the learning platform and the Bootcamp, which should give you plenty of time to finish all the lessons!

  • Do you issue a certificate of completion?

    Yes, I issue a digital certificate of completion when you complete the course, which you can then share on LinkedIn or any other social media networks.

  • I'm new to Power BI, can I join the Bootcamp?

    If you're completely new to Power BI, then this bootcamp might not be right for you. You should have at least 6 months of experience with Power BI, otherwise you might not take the full benefits of this course.

  • There is a bunch of free online content available... Why should I join this bootcamp?

    Because this bootcamp focus on Report Design and, unfortunately, there aren't many courses or content that go really deep on this topic. I've put a lot of time and effort into making a bootcamp that is hands on, and that actually helps you accelerate your career journey by guiding you on how to best use your Power BI skills. Work smarter not harder!

  • Why should I learn from you?

    I have 6+ years of experience with Power BI. You will be learning from someone that worked with dozens of customers, from different industries. My lessons are based on real world experience, I won't be teaching you things I didn't had to learn myself! During my time as a Power BI Consultant, I developed dozens of reports. I also worked at Microsoft as a Cloud Solutions Architect, which allowed me to have an holistic view on the skills that you should have if you want to be a successful Power BI Developer.

  • Is there any refund policy for the Bootcamp?

    Yes! If you feel like the bootcamp is not meeting your expectations you have up to 7 (seven) consecutive days to cancel your purchase after the bootcamp start date. You will receive 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Still not sure if you should go for The Power BI Report Design Bootcamp?

If you're still unsure if you should take the Bootcamp, or if you still have questions just reach out to me at hello@datapears.com.

Make your Power BI reports shine!

Doors close on 24/02/2023. Get your seat today!